Why do you offer house call grooming and grooming in your home?

I offer both so hopefully I can provide what each pet or pet parent needs. Not everyone is suited to one or the other.

What is house call grooming?

I come set up and groom in your home, I dont have a van, all my equipment is portable.

What is the benefit of house call grooming?

Your pet gets his groomer's complete one on one attention, doesn't go into a kennel at all, isn't around other pets, lower stress, and you don't have to drop off or pick him up.

Where do you set up in my home?

Wherever there is room and decent lighting. A bathroom is the most common but I can use any room, even outside on nice days.

Where do you bathe my pet?

Depending on your pet's size a sink, utility sink, tub, or shower works.

What if I don't have a sprayer for my tub or shower?

That is not a problem, I have various portable equipment for nearly every scenario for grooming in a home.

Does it make a mess?

Yes, it certainly can especially the big hairy dogs that need to be deshedded. But I always clean up afterwards and pride myself on leaving the space as clean or cleaner than it was before.

Why is house call grooming more expensive?

House Call Grooming is considered a luxury service and is priced as such. You don't have to take your pet anywhere and they get your groomer's complete attention. Because of the nature of house call I can only groom a few pets per day, as opposed to a salon where I can groom 2-3 times as many dogs, therefore the price must reflect that.

Will you come just for a nail trim?

Yes, I do schedule nail trims in between grooming clients on days when I will be in your service area.

Do you give a discount for multiple pet homes?

No, each pet is priced according to their needs and the services being done.

Do you give a discount if I bathe my dog myself and just have you come give her a haircut?

No, my prices are all inclusive. It is also best to let me bathe and dry your dog so she is properly prepped which is an important step in providing a quality professional groom.