All dogs are required to have current rabies information on file for me to be able to groom them. I need a copy of the paperwork showing when the vaccine is good until, the tag does not have enough information. For senior pets or pets allergic to vaccines I require a letter from your veterinarian, that I can put in your pet's file, stating that they cannot receive the vaccine and why. I recommend you keep your pet up to date on all vaccines recommended by your vet but only require the rabies shot be current for grooming.

Right to Refuse Service

I maintain the right to refuse or discontinue any service at anytime if I feel it is in my or your pet's best interest. I, however, will not charge you for partial services only completed jobs.


Payment is expected when services are rendered. I accept cash, check, and all major credit and debit cards. The price for your pet's groom can vary from each appointment based on the services done and your pet's coat condition.

Scheduling (House Call Only)

Since I am working with live animals and everything doesn't always go according to plan I schedule appointments with an hour arrival window. For example: if your appointment is 2pm I could arrive as early as 1:30 or as late as 2:30.

Scheduling (Home Salon Only)

I only schedule one pet or family of pets at a time to facilitate as low stress an environment at possible. Because of that it is imperative that you are on time for your appointment. If you are going to be a few minutes late please call or text me, and if you are going to be any more than 15 minutes late I may need to reschedule your appointment. You will also need to pick your pet up as soon as possible after their appointment, unless you have made arrangements with me ahead of time.

​Abandoned Pets (Home Salon Only)

If you do not pick up your pet or contact me by closing time, I will make sure your pet is let outside to relieve himself, or given a litter box, and provided with food and water for the night. You cannot pick up after closing hours unless prior arrangements have been made. You may pick up first thing in the morning and will be charged an additional $50 housing fee on top of the price for your groom. If you refuse to pay or do not come to claim your animal by morning he or she will be taken to the Sheriff, and you will be able to claim your pet there.

Cancelation Policy

I appreciate 24 hour notice at least when you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment so I can fill your spot. I do understand crises can happen last minute and am flexible. However, for repeat last minute cancellations you will be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit, up to the full amount of the groom, via a debit or credit card to schedule an appointment.

Latch-Key Service (House Call Only)

To take advantage of this service you must either be present for your first appointment or schedule a free consultation. At that appointment we complete new client paperwork, review what services you want for your pet(s), how I will be allowed access to your house, and how payment will be collected.

Weather (House Call)

I live in Roundup, but most of my clients are in the Billings area. During winter I stay in close communication with my clients and I ask for understanding and flexibility as driving can take longer, I may need to change my route, or even postpone your appointment in extreme cases. You will be given the highest priority in rescheduling if I have to cancel due to weather.

Weather (Home Salon)

Cancellations due to extreme weather will not count towards the cancellation policy. I understand we live where winter weather can be severe and put peoples' safety above a pet's haircut.

​Pet Health Issues

​Pet Health Issues:
Please inform me of any health concerns regarding your pet before I begin grooming so I know if it is safe to groom your pet or can make it more comfortable for them. I take every precaution when grooming your pets, but grooming any pet with a health concern runs the risk of it being exacerbated, and I am not responsible for pre-existing conditions. I also reserve the right to discontinue a groom that I feel is not in your pet's best interest.
Health Issues I will groom with:
1. Heart conditions that are managed
2. Respirtory conditions that are managed
3. ACL tear
4. Seizures
5. Growths
6. Cancer or tumors
7. Arthritis
Health Issues that I won't groom with:
1. Stitches or recent surgery
2. Open wounds
3. Unmanaged heart and respirtory conditions
4. Infectious diseases
5. Pregnant or nursing dogs
6. Recent trauma that hasn't been checked AND cleared by a vet: hit by a car, kicked by a cow, etc.
Any health issues not listed will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


​If your pet is matted I will remove the mats in the most humane way possible. Depending on the severity it can sometimes be dematted, or the coat may need to be clipped short. Either way, a Matted Pet Fee of $5-$10/15 minutes of extra work will be applied to your grooming bill, with a $5-$10 minimum. Matting often hides health issues such as bruising, open sores, ear hematomas, to name a few and the removal of mats can cause clipper irritation, and has a higher risk for knicks and cuts. I practice all safe methods when dealing with matted pets, but I am not responsible for any injury caused by the mats or my removal of them.

Kennel Cough

Kennel cough is a general term used to cover many upper respirtory diseases in dogs. Veterinarians offer a kennel cough vaccine, usually recommended twice a year, to reduce your pet's likelihood of contracting Bordetella which is a common cause of Kennel Cough. However, just like the flu shot in humans it is not 100% effective as there are so many strains. It is also an airborne virus that can travel several miles and takes anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks for symptoms to present. Because it is impossible to determine the origin of the virus if your pet contracts kennel cough Trailhead Pet Services is not responsible and will not cover medical costs.

Pet Injury

Injuries caused by grooming are very rare, but do happen. If I ever injure your pet I will let you know either immediately with a call or text or upon pick up. If it is severe enough to require a vet visit I will cover the charges and any follow up appointments or medications, but you must also follow through on the vet's at home care instructions and return for any follow up appointments required by your vet, if you do not, then you forfeit any aditional payment covered by Trailhead Pet Services for that injury.

If you believe I injured your pet and didn't catch it you have 24 hours after your appointment to contact me regarding the injury. If you choose to take your pet to the vet I will require in writing from your vet the diagnosis and stating that it was caused by grooming for my insurance to cover the bill. Injuries exacerbated or caused by matting or pre existing conditions will not be paid for by Trailhead Pet Services.

Redo Grooms

If you are not satisfied with a groom you must inform me by phone call, text message, or facebook message within 24 hours of your appointment. I will then schedule you as soon as possible so that I can fix the groom free of charge. I will not redo an entire bath unless the dog has a reaction to the shampoo and I will not redo an entire groom.

Fleas and Ticks

If you know your pet has fleas or ticks please inform me when scheduling your appointment. Any pet with fleas or ticks will automatically be given a flea and tick bath at the additional charge of $10, to prevent me from spreading pests to other clients and for your pet's well being.

Behavioral Issues

I specialize in "difficult to handle" pets. If your pet has been banned from other grooming salons I am happy to still give him or her a try. But you must inform me especially if your pet has a bite history so I can take the necessary precautions for my and your pet's safety. Difficult to handle pets may also be charged a higher fee. We may also have to schedule several shorter grooming sessions to complete an entire groom.

Senior Pets

Senior pets often require special handling. We may need to schedule several short grooming sessions, or one longer one with breaks to accomodate your elderly pet. Senior grooms often don't look as pristine as normal grooms since the pet's coat is not in prime condition and they cannot always be put into the proper positions to get a perfect cut. Senior dogs are often more sore after a groom and I recommend talking to your vet about preventative pain medication before your grooming appointment.

House Call Grooms

House call grooms are more expensive than when you go to a salon since your pet gets my one on one attention, I have to travel to you, I can only groom a few dogs per day, and it is physically more demanding.

You are welcome to sit and watch while I groom your pet in your home, but for your pets safety you must not talk to, touch, or distract your pet while in my care. If your presence becomes disruptive I will discontinue the groom until you cease the behavior or leave the room. If you refuse to stop distracting your pet I will pack up and leave. This is for your pet's safety.

In house call grooming I do utilize your water and electricity, but I provide all other tools and supplies required. All I need is a place to bathe your pet, either a tub, sink, or shower, and a place to set up, usually a bathroom, but any room can do.

Clean Up (House Call Only)

Grooming makes a mess. However, my goal is to leave your space as clean or cleaner than when I arrived. You may find the random piece of nail or stray fluffball, but that should be minimum, if at all. I also disinfect the space I use and my tools between each client.

Home Salon Policies

As I run a salon part time out of my home I ask that you respect my privacy and do not show up unannounced. All appointments must be scheduled before arrival. I have normal working hours, but since I am by appointment only if I do not have a client scheduled I may not be available.

Leash Policy (Home Salon):

I have livestock on my property and my neighbors have livestock. Please be respectful and keep your pet on a leash at all times so no accidents happen.

Parking (Home Salon)

I live on a very narrow street and small driveway. Please pull either in my driveway if there's room or as close to the front of my house as possible so traffic can still get around you. Also, please do not use my neighbors driveway to turn around in. There is a strip of county property at the end of my lot that is perfect for turning around in that I can point out to you at arrival.

Pet Pictures

I take pictures of your pets that I groom for my own portfolio. When we do new client paperwork I will have you sign whether or not you are ok with me using your pet's picture for advertising and to be posted on my website and facebook page.